Richmond Residents Ready to Tackle Crime (NBC12 Coverage)

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Richmond residents came together to help tackle crime on the very day police identified the city’s latest homicide victim.

Police Chief Alfred Durham joined residents on the Northside on Wednesday as they discussed ways to combat crime. The event was sponsored by Northside Strong at 6 Point Innovation Center. It comes as the property manager from the scene of Richmond’s latest homicide is opening up about crime.

Crime tape and cop cars are not unusual at Midlothian Village Apartments. It was a familiar scene for tenants Tuesday night when someone gunned down 32-year-old Larry Scott.

“We went almost a full calendar year where we didn’t have any incidents on the property,” said Manager Cheyanne Williams.

Earlier this year, there was a double murder after someone shot an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old.

“Here we are six months later, and we have another incident on the property,” Williams said.

Williams is now fighting back — barring anyone who is arrested for a violent crime.

“We have over 800 people who are barred from the property,” she said.

As police search for the killer, neighbors on the Northside say they are witnessing the violence too.

“I don’t want it to become like, ‘Oh, there’s another killing in Richmond.’ It hurts, and it affects me,” a neighbor told the crowd.

“I’ve been threatened with guns. I’ve been threatened to have my house shot up and all of this,” another neighbor chimed in.

Radio Personality Miss Community Clovia listened to the feedback, so she can help cut crime.

“I have not become desensitized to it. I think we need to press harder in the community, and we just can’t leave it to law enforcement,” Miss Community Clovia said.

It’s why she’s on a mission to visit at least one barbershop a month, along with area politicians so they can hear what residents think will help. She strongly believes politicians are the key to help unlock a city with less crime.

“Absolutely! They want our vote Nov. 7. Hello!” she said emphatically.

Meantime, Midlothian Village has installed half a dozen additional cameras and extra lighting across the premises. Richmond Police has 24-7 access to the apartment’s surveillance video to help them catch and lock up criminals.
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