What is Barbershop Talk?

This is a community forum often held in a barbershop to inform, promote, or advocate for substance abuse treatment, counseling, and abstinence. In this “True Talk” forum former users, peer mentors, community activists, and families of former or current users share their myriad experiences and advice with the general public. Every forum is televised on Facebook live to a wide domestic and international audience.

Barbershop Talk affords us the opportunity to help combat the ongoing substance abuse and opioid epidemic that is a present threat and danger to public safety and public welfare in the United States. We take a village approach to solving our problems by approaching the problems from the  grassroots. The barbershop traditionally is the epicenter of social gatherings and community discourse, especially in the minority communities nationwide. The solution to our problems, thus, must be carved and stewed from that epicenter.


NBC News Coverage of Barbershop Talk at 4B Kutz on October 13, 2017



Barbershop Talk at Chesterfield County Jail on October 20th, 2017

We took our Barbershop Talk to the Chesterfield County Jail on October 20, 2017, on the invitation of Sheriff Karl S. Leonard. Our distinguished panel of men and women shared their experiences and advice with the men in the jail’s drug program Sheriff Leonard is an advocate for reform and treatment of offenders, and we applaud him for his services to the people of Chesterfield County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our distinguished panel members included our facilitator Jerry Lee and our hosts Clovia Lawrence and Oludare Ogunde. Speakers were Alicia Venable, Michael Edwards, Ellery Lundy, Paul Taylor, and…

The Barbershop Talk live from the Chesterfield County Jail, the H.A.R.P. Are you going to welcome these men back home? Thanks Sheriff Leonard, Captain Jones and Deputy Norkunas for hosting my team. Addiction road to recovery with Project Give Back to Community, Rolling For Freedom-R4F, Ellery Lundy of the Broken Men Foundation & Sanity Seven #BarbTalk #NotSelfUs Oludare Ogunde, Jerry Lee Clovia Lawrence Alecia Venable

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September 14th Barbershop Talk with Mayor Levar Stoney at Ronn Cutts Barbershop

Our own Mayor Levar Stoney spent the evening with us on September 14, 2017. He understood our mission and eloquently expressed the ongoing dangers to public safety and welfare posed by the substance abuse and opioid epidemic. He shared personal stories and espoused policy interest in the City of Richmond to help promote public safety. Kudos to our Mayor!


September 8th Barbershop Talk with Ed Gillespie, Republican Candidate for Governor at Ronn Cutts Barbershop

The Republican gubernatorial candidate for governor, Mr. Ed Gillespie, came to our Barbershop Talk event on September 8, 2017, to announce his policy for criminal justice reform. He exhibited a special interest in the problems faced by the minority community in the criminal justice system. It was fun having him around!



September 6th Barbershop Talk With Ralph Northam, Democratic Candidate for Governor at Dee’s Barbershop

On September 6, 2017, then-Democratic candidate for governor, Dr. Ralph Northam, joined us at the Dee’s Barbershop for our Barbershop Talk event. He highlighted his commitment to our advocacy for criminal justice reform, promotion of public safety, and eradication of the substance abuse and opioid use epidemic. It was fun having him around!

July 29, 2017, Barbershop Talk at Henrico Jail West


October 2016 Barbershop Talk at Tight Lynz Barbershop in Richmond

December 2016 Barbershop Talk

Barbershop Talk Take #3 community Clovia Grooms Lawrence Jerry Lee #BMF

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November 2016 Barbershop Talk

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Presents Miss Community's Listen Up Barbershop Talks: Changing the Narrative, Bringing Solutions to the Heroin Epidemic in Richmond. Featuring Clo's army Jerry Lee, Ellery Lundy, and Von Johnson. Thank you Tony's Barbershop located 2725 Byron St in Richmond #RBHA #StayOutOfPrison4Life

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